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Yana Kay - Latvian singer, featured on a few of my tracks

Yana Kay

Yana Kay

Animated promotional artwork - keep watching the bear!

An early CD cover

Record deck

The wheels of steel

My good friend Anthony from Belgium (he's the one who's circled)

Me larging on de onez and twoz!

A more recent CD cover

Cover of the track "Alone In The Crowd"

Cami - LA based vocalist, featured on "Alone In The Crowd"


A concert flyer

DreamZone DJ, who is also featured on my first vinyl release

Aire Street - Capital of Goole

The Lowther - One of Goole's nightspots. Now sadly closed.

The cover of my first record

Fruityloops - I love you. Best $99 I ever spent!

My CD cover from mp3.com

Cute eh? - photo courtesy of J. A. Preciado

I won two of these in an internet competition

My first ever CD cover

Me on the UK game show Fifteen-to-One

eJay - It's what started me off

Goole Grammar School - now called Vermuyden, it's where I went to school

La Bodrum and The Royal Canton - saved many a hungry clubber in Goole from starving!

Goole Town Centre

Yana Kay

Me in a publicity shot, moody eh?

Wahaay! it's Square Bear

A publicity shot taken by the Missus.

PC wallpaper

Promotional artwork

"Artwork" - courtesy of Jessica the barmaid

I reached number one in the trance chart over at mp3.com

I reached number one in the overall chart over at mp3unsigned.com

My home studio setup. It's where I make my tracks and remixes.

Darren Tommy Tether. One of my friends who helped me to think of the name Square Bear.

DJ Mel at the Macintosh Arms. A big supporter of my music.

Aire Street, Goole. The pubs down here are great supporters of my music.

Hartley's Nightclub. One of the few places in Goole that doesn't play my music.

The Jailhouse - A big thank you to DJ Miffer for blasting out my choonz!

Baz - I've remixed his forthcoming single -
U Sure Do

My music is featured on a promotional
Back To School CD for a US department store!

Another shot from the JCPenney CD. Note the
Music by Square Bear logo in the corner.

A picture of me and my missus on a recent holiday trip to Northern Ireland.

4 of my remixes/tracks appear on this compilation CD.

A publicity shot.

A publicity shot.

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