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Free Square Bear Samples

Now you can give your tracks the Square Bear sound too. These samples are primarily designed for the Dance eJay series of programs i.e. They are all in A-minor and run at 140BPM. Naturally, they can be used in other sequencers as well, just bear in mind the tempo and key.

I've placed them in 2 groups. The first group are samples that will fit anywhere in your eJay tracks as they only use the A note. The second group should be used with samples that have 2 stars** next to them as the sequence of notes they use are A-E-F-G. With some editing and layering they can be used in other tracks too. In the future I will be adding 1 star* samples so keep checking back.

You should right-click on the sample name and choose "Save Target As.." to save it to your hard drive. The samples are in .mp3 format and could need converting to .wav before you can use them in the older eJay programs. There's no need to credit me if you use them but I'd like to hear any tracks you've made with the samples if you use them in your music.

Have fun!!



Any Use

4x4 - A hard four beat kick drum.

Harddrum - Hard trance drumloop.

Fullon - Trance drumloop with no snare.

Fullonsnare - The same drumloop as above but with a snare.

Snarebuild - A snare drum roll suitable for a build up.

Slide - A high energy slide upwards suitable for build-ups.

TB303 - The classic acid sound.

2 Star** Samples

Hardbass_2 - A hard, club style off-beat bass. Popular in many hard trance songs.

Dirtylead_2 - A distorted acid lead line.

PPK_2 - A trance lead similar in sound to PPK.

Acidbass_2 - A deep, filtered synth.

Basspower_2 - A low lead synth with delay and reverb.

Distortedlead_2 - A distorted trance lead with a hint of strings.

Squarelead_2 - A trance lead similar in sound to PPK.

Eslead_2 - A trance lead synth with delay and reverb.

Thinlead_2 - Suitable for a lead synth.

Sad_dots_2 - A trance lead slightly sad in sound.

Trancelead_2 - A lead trance synth.

Acidline_2 - A hard acid sequence.

Bkground_2 - A trance synth suitable for a driving background sound.

Choir_2 - An angel's voice.

Jumpbass_2 - A hi-energy bassline.

Phatbass_2 - A phat bassline with a little bounce.

Pizzstrings_2 - Short, sharp strings.

Powersynth_2 - A fast moving synth sequence.

Trancesynth_2 - A lead trance synth.

TS404down_2 - A trance synth which filters downwards.

TS404up_2 - The same synth as above but filtering up.



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