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News Page

This page features all the latest news on my current and forthcoming releases

Pearl Future - Shop Song Remix

I've recently been working with a San Francisico artist called Pearl Future and have remixed a couple of tracks for her, one of which has been included on a CD single release. Check out a preview of it and buy it here.

You can find out more about Pearl Future by visiting her official site here.

Dollgatory - Now Available

Last year I had 4 of my tracks included in the soundtrack to a film called Dollgatory made by a Canadian film company Mad Ludwig Productions.

This DVD is now available to buy from shops and on the internet. The links below take you to some of the places you can buy it from if you wish to treat yourself or a friend:

CD Universe.com

MTV Shop



Also if you check out the official website over at www.madludwigproductions.com The music you hear playing in the background is one I created for their new film 9 Muses.

Why not buy 2 copies, just in case. Go on, you know it makes sense!

Astral - Now And Forever Remix

I've remixed a track Now And Forever for a Scottish dance act called Astral. If you are up in Bathgate, Scotland on the 29th March, pop into "Room At The Top" for the Rezerection rave where you can see them perform live.

Astral had a number one club hit with the original, so hopefully, this will also have some success.

9 Muses - Film Soundtrack

Still from 9 Muses courtesy of
Lush Blue Media Productions

I have been lucky enough to have 3 tracks included in another film soundtrack. This one is called 9 Muses and is due to begin filming this Spring.

It's called 9 Muses and is an erotic thriller Oo-err! More details as I get them.

Scottish Clubland 3 - Four Tracks Included

Track Listing:
1. Chasing Cars -
Nero (DJ Bounce Remix)
2. New Emotion - TTF (DJ X 2007 Remix)
3. Together In Electric Dreams - Evo (Square Bear Mix)
4. I Just Died In Your Arms - DJ DKM Remix
5. I Don't Want A Lover - DJ X's Bouncing Remix
6. Alive & Kicking - DJ Mickey (DJ X Remix)
7. Live Your Life Be Free -
Cascade (DJ Bounce Remix)
8. The Real Thing -
Lady Miss D (Square Bear Remix)
9. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes -
Nexus (DJ X Remix)
10. Summer Sun - Hannah (Wreckin' Remix)
11. Axel F - Square Bear's Energy Remix
12. Obsession - DJ Nexus (Darren Flinders Remix)
13. Closer To All Your Dreams - Rob Technic Mix
14. Insanity - DJ DKM's Rave to the Grave Mix
15. Oxygen - Exor (DJ X's Remix)
16. Love Song For A Vampire -
17. Christmas In Clubland -
Square Bear

I've had 4 tracks included in a new CD released on 3rd December 2007. Scottish Clubland 3 is the third CD in the series of hard dance tunes. I've remixed Together In Electric Dreams for a band called Evo and also remixed The Real Thing for Lady Miss D. I've also done a dance remix of the old favourite Axel F for the CD and had my Christmas dance mix included as well.

I'm really excited about this as my last inclusion on a CD was cancelled. This is currently for sale online and in all good record shops, mainly in Scotland. If you click on the arrows next to my tracks, you can hear a lo-fi sample of each song.

Pinch Hitter 2 - Game Music

I've written some music for an online baseball game called Pinch Hitter 2. You can play it on the mousebreaker.com website.

My music plays when you get a home run and when the game is over.

I've always wanted to have my music featured on a game so I'm very happy at being included in this.

DOLLGATORY - Film Soundtrack

Stills from Dollgatory courtesy of
Mad Ludwig Productions

A Toronto based film company, Mad Ludwig Productions, has recently asked for several of my tracks to be included in the soundtrack to an up and coming dark comedy film called Dollgatory.

The film is based around George Speedopoulos, an unsuccessful entrepreneur and to add to his misfortune, owns a dead end dollar store. Things are not going very well for George, he's flat broke and to top it off he must deal with the craziest clientele who drive him past the point of sanity.

George decides that the only remedy to end his problem is to murder the unholy one... his wife Gina! His master plan - kill Gina, collect life insurance, pay off his debts, close the dollar store, and it's smooth sailing.

As one may expect, things don't go according to plan and George finds himself dead. He awakens in the dollar store stuck in a purgatory world. As punishment from God, George is trapped there for eternity unless he can redeem himself for his crime.

In order to be granted redemption, George must perform a seemingly impossible task - restore faith in all the dollar store regular psychopaths, who come in and cause havoc. The clientele's goal - do what it takes to ensure George fails his trial with God, Judgement day.

The main tracks they were interested in were Run Away and After Midnight. However, they were also interested in using the intro loop on my home page. That's the one with the dancing teddy bears that plays when you first enter the site.

I've amended my tracks for the film which included making an instrumental version of Run Away and creating a brand new track, a dance remix of March Of The Toreadors by Georges Bizet. I'm hoping to upload the trailer for the movie in the next four to five weeks if given permission from the production company.

In the meantime, I've posted a few of the stills from the film as a teaser. Stay tuned for more details!

You can find more out about Dollgatory by visiting the official website: www.madludwigproductions.com


 Positive Reaction (Square Bear's Arctic Ocean Mix)

Things are back on course for Baz and he is back with a new single which is to be released in the UK around February 2005. Once more, I've been asked to create a dance remix for inclusion on the CD.

The club mix of this is amazing and has to be heard to be believed!

You can find more out about Baz by visiting the official website: www.bazofficial.com



Baz - U Sure Do (Square Bear's Picnic Mix)

I've recently made a dance remix for a chart CD single, which was to be released in the UK around February 2005. It's by a new artist called Baz.

Baz has toured with Atomic Kitten and is now looking for some chart action of his own. The track is a cover version of the 1995 classic by Strike.

You can find more out about Baz by visiting the official website: www.bazofficial.com

Unfortunately, this project has been cancelled due to Baz leaving his record label.



Double CD Album

1. Dance Nation -
DreamZone DJ
2. Ecstasy - DJ Mozy
3. Angels - DJ Mozy
4. Always Love (Dance edit) - Safyre
5. Dance People Dance - Iguana
6. Heaven - Euphoria X
7. Feel The Music -
Jon Bushaway
8. Always Love (Trance edit) -
9. Don't Break My Heart -
10. Fallen Angel - Red Bull Junkies
11. Run Away - Square Bear
12. Firestorm - Square Bear

13. Soul - Euphoria X
14. Blue Sky 6737 -
DreamZone DJ/La Rush
15. Music - Jon Bushaway
16. Not Alone -
Jon Bushaway

1. Dreams (Nocturnal edit) -
K. Project
2. Ecstasy (Tough Trance edit) -
DJ Mozy
3. Always Love (Ext Dance edit) -
4. Angels (Tough Trance edit) - DJ Mozy
5. Dance Nation (Get Down Edit) - Dreamzone DJ
6. Don't Break My Heart (Club edit) -


7. Always Love (Tough Trance edit) -
8. Heaven (Club edit) -
Euphoria X
9. Fallen Angel (Club edit) -
Red Bull Junkies

10. NRGeneration (Very tough Trance) -

Square Bear

11. Feel The Music (Reprise) -
Jon Bushaway

Unfortunately, this project has been shelved due to insufficient backing.


Jupiter Rose featuring Square Bear and DreamZone DJ

Official Project status as of 19th August 2003:
"The project has been a satisfactory radio success in the UK. A television campaign will commence with a promo video, forming an additional basis for the album launch. Brothers Distribution (a division of Universal Music Operations) takes over the marketing and sales at this stage, whilst Home City Records continues to co-ordinate the promotional efforts." - Michael Family (VP Home City Records)

Personal thoughts:
"I am extremely pleased seeing something I have made being played on the radio and in clubs. It is a great feeling to think that my music is for sale in record shops and on the net. If someone had told me last Christmas that this was going to happen, I wouldn't have believed them. I'm very excited about the next few months and I can't wait to see what happens.
There's talk now of Universal Music!! YIKES!! A huuuge thank you to all the people who have bought the record and to all the DJs, famous or otherwise who are playing it."
- Steve Worswick (Square Bear)

Jupiter Rose has been featured on these radio stations by the following DJs


Mike Anthony/Paul Kershaw at



Alex Pepper at



James Blond at



Simon M at



Saffron at



Wayne Tunnicliffe at



Various DJs at

Stockholm, Sweden


Jupiter Rose can be bought from the following online record stores. If you see any that I haven't mentioned please mail Square-Bear

The links below will take you directly to the details page for Jupiter Rose unless stated.


Home City Records

Rix Records - 6th record down. Just above Max Bygraves!

Deejay.de - Germany

Hard To Find Records

Tune Inn

Music Stack

Dance Grooves

EuroMusic World

String Bean Records - about half way down

Ultra Disc - France

Allstars - Netherlands

Baza - Soviet Union? - 4th record down

Beatquarter Records

F A S T Records - Germany

Classic Dance Music

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