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This is the layout of www.square-bear.co.uk
Click on the page you wish to visit or use the navigation menu at the top.


HOME -The front page of the site.
Site Map -This page.
Message Board -The message board area.


NEWS -All the latest news on the current and forthcoming releases.


REVIEWS -Miscellaneous comments received from fan mail.
Professional and Industry Comments -Comments from DJs, shops, reviewers and the record industry
Comments From Friends and Fans -Comments from people who have heard my music.

Page 1 -Comments on Aaoheeooah, After Midnight and Falling Into You.
Page 2 -Comments on Firestorm, Run Away and Tears In The Rain.
Page 3 -Comments on Alone In The Crowd.

Press Cuttings -Any mention of Square Bear in the press.


DIARY -The front page of the diary area.

Page 1 -Diary from September 1999 to April 2002.
Page 2 -Diary from May 2002 to January 24th 2003.
Page 3 -Diary from February 1st 2003 to June 16th 2003.
Page 4 -Diary from June 18th 2003 to August 25th 2003.
Page 5 -Diary from August 30th 2003 to present day.

Square Bear's Top 75 Project -My quest to get a track into the Top 75 singles chart by the end of 2004.


FUN + GAMES -A selection of games, ringtones and wallpapers.

Puzzle Trail -Join Square Bear as he battles through puzzle after puzzle.
Pac-man -The classic arcade game with hi-score table.
Tetris -Line the falling blocks up to score points and get your name on the hi-score table.
Hexxagon -A strategy game for 1 or 2 players.
Tic-Tac-Toe -Get 3 symbols in a row before your opponent. For 1 or 2 players.
Snake -The mobile telephone game comes to your PC.
Asteroids - Shoot the rocks and spaceships in this classic arcade game.
Snap! - Find the matching pairs. Features prizes for the best players.
Reversi - The classic strategy game. Try to beat Square Bear.
Trivia Squares - Are you feeling brainy?
Globulos -Battle with on-line opponents in these multi-player flash games.
Wallpapers -Download Square Bear themed backgrounds for your PC.
Ringtones -Want a free Square Bear ringtone for your mobile? Get them here.
Flash Flash Revolution -An online version of a dance machine. Features Square Bear's music.


GUESTBOOK - Read the guest book or leave Square Bear a message.


MUSIC -The main music/video page. Watch the videos and listen or download Square Bear's music.
Discography -A list of Square Bear's music up to the present day. Features comments about each track.
Bootlegs -Square Bear's unofficial dance remixes available for play and download.


ABOUT -The history of Square Bear detailing how he started making music.
The Official Biography -This is the biography that accompanied the Jupiter Rose EP.


GALLERY -Square Bear related images.


CONTACT -Contact details and a form to send a message to Square Bear.


LINKS -Some of Square Bear's favourite sites from all over the internet.


EXTRA -Anything that doesn't fit into another section of the site.

Interview -Various questions that Square Bear has received about himself and his music.
Search page -Can't find what you're looking for? Use this to search www.square-bear.co.uk
Mailing List -Keep up to date with all that's happening in Square Bear's world.
Free Samples -Give your music the Square Bear feel with these royalty free samples.

ARTICLES -Various articles and tutorials.

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