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Square Bear's history so far.... Page 1

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Sep 1999 - Got Total eJay from the cover of PC format (music making software)
- First tracks were played out at The North Eastern karaoke night

Aire Street - The place where my first tracks were played

October 1999 - Listened to at The Royal
- CD got on the jukebox at The North Eastern
- Tracks played at The Royal disco

Nov/Dec 1999 - Played out at Selby

2000 - Changed CDs a couple of times on The North Eastern's jukebox
- Played in The Royal CD changer
- Played out at The Lowther

Sep 2001 - Got fruityloops (music making software)

Oct 2001 - Made a web page at mp3.com
- First fan mail (Cro from London)

Jan 2002 - Offered to be played on Swedish Radio BMU91.6MHz based in Stockholm

Feb 2002 - Reached 1000+ plays at mp3.com

Feb 21 2002 - Sent a demo out to Galaxy and Viking FM (rejected but got some good advice from Andi Durrant)

Mar 3 2002 - Sold first CD on the internet (Someone from Georgia USA)

Mar 6 2002 - Had 1000+ plays in 1 day at mp3.com!!

Mar 8 2002 - Reached a total of 10,000 plays at mp3.com

Apr 2002 - 1st number one at mp3.com (Visions reached number 1 in the progressive trance chart)

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