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This section of the site features the many comments and reviews I've received for my music.

I have broken this section of the site down into:

Professional and industry comments

Comments from friends and fans

Press cuttings


Professional and Industry Comments and Reviews 


Comments about
The Jupiter Rose EP


Artist: Square Bear

Title: After Midnight

Reviewer: Steve Gilmore - Rebel Riffs

Date: 20th December 2002


- Gaynor Martin (Deputy Head of the playlist selection team at Galaxy 102.2 Birmingham)


"...Outstanding and Powerful..."
- Simon Dale (DJ at Galaxy 105 Leeds)


"...this one's good..."
- Saffron (DJ at Galaxy 105/106 Newcastle)


"...floor filler..."
- Wayne Tunnicliffe (DJ at Metro Radio Newcastle)


"...my floor has heard it a few times...good...a real grower..."
- James Blond (DJ at BRMB 96.4FM Birmingham)


- Chris Bailey (Head of playlist selection team at Fire107.6FM Bournemouth)


"...Tunie tune!..."
- Alex Pepper (DJ at Radio Aire 96.3 Leeds)


"...four wicked hard trance tracks all of them are excellent! Especially NRGeneration.It's a banging beast of a track. A must for all hard dance heads!!!..."
- Tune Inn Records

"I don't know of many members of these forums who isn't in awe of Square Bear, not just because of his musical achievements but also because of the way success (of the internet kind) shows us that we are not alone. It helps, of course, that the Bear is a musician with a great set of ears and that he is a selfless part of this Ejay world of ours. All in all, a rarity amongst us. A new track from him is always a welcome event, no less so this time.

Why I say these atrociously fawning things is evident with the first bar of After Midnight. Instantly impressing the power of the track to the forefront of yer brain, the bass sequences are a testament to the less is more diktat being a true Fact Of Life. When the quasi siren sound comes in the track really gets its butt in gear and before you know it the track envelopes you in its vice like grip.

And that's all in the first minute!

The REAL selling point of this track enters the picture at 1:20 with an anthemic riff that lifts the track enormously well and from there on, I'm into this for the long run. As I've mentioned in past reviews of SB's material he reminds me so strongly of early '80's electronica, especially the work of Vince Clark, and After Midnight is PACKED to the gills with great sounding synth licks in that power pop mode. More to the point, he even manages to keep up the interest over a good eight minutes. A must have/must listen track if there ever was one. If anyone doesn't believe any of my endless over-the-top exhortations about how good this Ejay crowd's music is, I'd say here is the proof of the pudding.

Square shaped and bear flavoured is the only way to go. "

- Steve Gilmore - Rebel Riffs


Artist: Square Bear

Title: Run Away

Reviewer: Steve Gilmore - Rebel Riffs

Date: 21st January 2003

"It comes to just about every regular reviewer, I guess. That point where you've used up all your major league superlatives on an artist, now your scratching around for something to say. Oh sod it, Square Bear is fab. Run Away, oh God I am getting SO sick of saying this, is IMHO the best track I have EVER heard from the Square One. Yep, that good.

You may not think that if HUGE pop tracks, complete with a tremendous vocals and a couple of KILLER hooks are not your thing. Of course, even then, you would be foolish in the extreme if you passed this track by. My limit on plays while reviewing a track have been broken for all time by this proud little beauty, and it'll be making its way into my favourites playlist about 5 minutes after I finish writing this.

I honestly thought that I had SB pegged as an excellent techno musician with a decidedly 'poppy' outlook, but Run Away is so far above that already impressive level, I think he deserves his own genre. Furry Pop. Commenting on production and or style at this point seems redundant, there just isn't anything wrong with this, and everything is right. As perfect a track as I have heard anywhere. The kind of track that makes the rest of us want to give up. If this track ain't massive for ol' Bear, I don't know anything. As good as it gets ladies and gentlemen - and then a couple of million miles more. Awesome.

You'd better run away, run away...

Can't beat this, as some guy once said."

- Steve Gilmore - Rebel Riffs


Artist: Square Bear

Title: Alone In The Crowd

Reviewer: Steve Gilmore - Rebel Riffs

Date: 9th July 2003

"God, it's been AGES since I last reviewed something from the ursine section, and here he is with a new girl on his arm. What is it with bears and gorgeous women? I dunno, some animals get all the luck. Sheesh. It hasn't been ages of course since I SAW SB because I bump into him all over the place. Dont say anything but....<leans closer> I think he's following me. I have his name, ya see and I think he wants it back. And he ain't a-gittin' it...

For those who know not the Bear, his music will be instantly familiar to you. Especially if you specialize in electronic power pop with a very personal touch. Most SB tracks I have heard do one thing to you almost immediately. They slap a fat, happy grin on your face that doesn't let go until the track stops. Ask anyone OK! That's EXACTLY what happens. wtf do you think Run Away (his commercially released record) is doing so well, cos it's a GREAT pop record - and that is what this particular bear can do very, very well.

Should you choose not to believe me, try the first 30 seconds of this track and then come back and tell me that this doesn't prod some serious bottom. An absolutely vintage SB instrumental track provides a bed for Cami to cavort her stuff and she does it with much style and character. Of the two vocalists, I think I would have to go more for Cami because this is an 'individual' voice - she ain't really gonna sound like anyone else. This style and charm is shown to absolute perfection on this belter of a track. Again, if you are one of those who loved Run Away, here's its sister. Square Bear is on top form with this and its actually going to be a serious rival in my affections, it could even eclipse Run Away in time.

A great track, and a built in smile or your money back. No, the first two things are true but I'm keeping yer money and that name we were discussing earlier. Mine. All mine."

- Steve Gilmore - Rebel Riffs

Steve Gilmore is a well respected musician and prolific reviewer who contributes reviews to numerous internet sites.
His comments and reviews are respected by fellow artists and reviewers.

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