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This section of the site features the many comments and reviews I've received for my music.

I have broken this section of the site down into:

Professional and industry comments

Comments from friends and fans

Press cuttings


Comments from friends and fans... Page 1

Thank you to everyone who writes in to me. I enjoy reading all your emails.
I apologise if I do not get chance to reply, but I guarantee I read every one of them.

Click on a song title below to read the comments for a particular track
or browse the review pages if you prefer.


After Midnight

Falling Into You


Run Away

Tears In The Rain

Alone In the Crowd

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Song Title: Aaoheeooah

Description: A strange track that featured a Tibetan monk singing. I just made it as an experiment to get used to the monk sound, but I was suprised to hear some of the feedback from it.

"...really liked the track made me smile..." - Bugle Boy UK (UK)

"hehe...Very effective Steve, Sounds like Yana eat a Vocoder..." - Paradise Decay (UK)

"lolololol! wtf Steve?...that's one funky monk!" - D.Edge (UK)

"Hehe." - Silversphere (Denmark)

"...I like it. So does my son he say's it's cool... Actually for my son to like anything other than Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Good Charlotte, Drowning Pool, System of the Down, is a miracle. So SB you are a miracle. He really loves Run away as well." - Peeps (UK)

"Surprising composition. The voices furrow the high mountains of Nepal (in my head)" - DJ P.G. (Belgium)

"I loved that synth, very nice." - Hibotan (Norway)

"hahaha...the monk sounds like he's gonna throw up at certain places in the track...It's a fun track." - Mad Drive (Turkey)

"Grrrrr...Some b*****ds just have talent pouring out of every orifice." - Kameleon (UK)

"...I enjoyed the track...good job...very well done." - Fonte (Canada)

"...really like this one and it can be turned up loads (what's that granny????? No it isn't Val Doonican)" - Purple Rainbow (UK)

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Song Title: After Midnight

Description: This is a no-nonsense hard trance track. One of the first tracks in which I tried to give it a professional sounding edge and it was also my first proper attempt at mastering.

"...Powerful sounds, enough variety, and especially the quality of the strings impressed me... Really good stuff m8..." - Virus (Belgium)

"...an excellent track..." - Santz (UK)

"...really nice track...I'm a progressive house/trance DJ myself and would play this track for sure if I would have it on vinyl...It's sounding complete and well filled. No quiet parts that make the track fall out. It's really a track for the clubs..." - Xtah (Netherlands)

"...I listened to the tune and thought it was great, as usual...Nice tune...The numbers from me say 9ish and don't accept anything less!" - Tek (USA)

"...this sounds pretty good stuff..." - Ffabbia (UK)

"OMG!! I thought Firestorm and Transmission were good, but this is outstanding. Seriously, ANYONE who likes trance has just got to get themselves a copy of this. This site (eJay.com) is teeming with talented artists, and this guy is right up there. IMHO this is his best work to date, and even during my fairly brief time on these boards, the relentless improvement in the Bear's output has been evident and he was good to start with. Might he be the first artist on these boards to get a track signed? Definitely a strong candidate!!" - Old Skinflint (UK)

"...it's just great. What else can I say? Another great tune from SB. keep up the good work m8..." - Hibotan (Norway)

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Song Title: Falling Into You

Description: The third song I've made with the vocals of Latvian singer, Yana Kay. Probably one of my best I think.

"This is undoubtedly a great track that given the right pushes would sit happily in the top 20 if not top 10. I would say it has all the qualities needed for chart success. It's catchy, you can sing-a-long to it and the vocal is fabulous. The production is faultless. A stand out track." - Kitsch Dave (UK)

"...she got a nice voice...this surprised me a bit, it was better than I thought...maybe a bit better than other commercial tunes like Lasgo and stuff. Hmm...it passed my "test". hehe, but still not my favourite style of music. It was a quite good production for being a vocal commercial track! a bit more trancy feel over it too. keep up the good work." - Perham (Sweden)

"I *love* "Falling Into You"... It's muh favorite! Figured I'd let you in on that little chunk of info" - SorryMissy (New Jersey USA)

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