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This section of the site features the many comments and reviews I've received for my music.

I have broken this section of the site down into:

Professional and industry comments

Comments from friends and fans

Press cuttings


Miscellaneous Comments

General comments about Square Bear and his music from fan mail received. If you wish to drop me a line please email square-bear

Thank you to Blue Gaia for designing the animated square bear to the left. Keep watching him, it is pretty subtle at times.

"...the music on your site is pumping. That Firestorm & Runaway track is up there. Keep up the good work man...never mind the bad feedback from some of the idiots who claim to be DJs/producers. They're definitely the green eyed monsters. Anyway, lots of luck" - Pat (UK)

"Christmas In Tranceland is outstanding, that's how sad I am. Keep em comin" - Ossett (UK)

"Hey just caught your tunes at soundclick...I am so glad to see you driving it and doing so well! It takes a lot of drive and determination to keep caught up in this rat race of a biz, so I hope you keep pushing it!" - Karen Boshart (Canada)

"Been a big fan of your work for some time now... you were the reason I never gave up on Fruity...Keep those tunes coming :)" - Matthew Turner (unknown)

"...I have to tell you what I think of the 1st remix of 'Visions'... It's simply incredible! Everything works well with each other, and the theme is really nice... Keep it up mate!" - Silversphere (Denmark)

"Ya, squarebear's stuff is awesome. Why cant all British electronic musicians *cough* oakenford *cough* have that kind of talent?!" - eyespewgreekfire (unknown)

"just found your new site, wow things have moved on...hope that the music pipeline is a big fat one with lots more wonderful tunes to come, keep up the good work. Thanks for giving my ears a treat!" - Dave Williams (unknown)

"Keep up the great work man!...Great to see someone who knows how to put some 'meat' into their tracks...You really do a great job!" - David King (UK)

"...pretty good. Keep it up!" - Gio Molla (unknown)


"Great music!" - Ola (Sweden)

"Congratulations on making it to promo song of the week. I love it!" - Fred Fredrickson (USA)

"Hey there Mr. Square Bear! My name is Jimmy and lives in Sweden. I have been listening on your music and I think it's good." - Jimmy (Sweden)

"...awesome skills...I really dig your sounds..." - Sannha (USA)

"Hey what's up man I checked out your song "Visions" its pretty hot" - Ryan (unknown)

"This has my floor dancing. My people are loving the track that is Run Away. The girl's voice and the music are completing each other and are sounding great together. If your music is slightly commercial chart sounding, I am recommending this record. The track NRGeneration is good hard dance track and fills the floor with energy. Excellent work" - Ralf (unknown) discussing Jupiter Rose

"...I like what I hear. I'm no music buff but I like what I like and this is some decent home made banging chooons! Keep it up Squarebear" - Deaconchance (unknown)

"I came across your site on MP3. COM by chance, and I am sure glad I did!!! Your music is AWESOME!!!! AMAZING!!! I especially love your melodic trance tunes! You are truly talented!...I'm glad you are having success with "RUNAWAY!" And yes, "FALLING INTO YOU" will be the perfect follow-up!...YOUR melodic trance sound is right on, and is the kind of music that is being played on dance music radio and clubs here in the USA! Keep up the great work!!!!...it sounds perfect to me as a listener...If I heard it on the radio I would love it!" - Kenne Kuramochi (USA)

"Congratulations on the recent successes. Hope you go far" - Anthony (Belgium)

"Hi!! I'm here listening once again to your tunies and enjoying. I've been following your successes. You know Matt from Subconscious? He's such a big fan of yours and always lets me know when you are on the radio or things are happening for you. I'm really happy for you!!! I'd love to know what's happening for you in the future!!" - Sammi Morelli (Canada)

"Wow...I just heard your music for the first time when Jesse Edgar of Bedlam Emotion was DJ'ing for a radio station last night. All I can say is....I AM TOTALLY AMAZED. "Runaway" was the first track I heard and I was just totally blown away at how amazing it was... This track really moved me... I'd just like to say thanks for such a great song and the effect it had on me. (ok, I'll shutup now. lol)" - Vashalaka (USA)

"Just clicked onto your site thinking it was gonna be some typical silly production of daft ejay tunes... how wrong was I?
I was most impressed by your tracks!
My favourite is 'Run Away' and at this moment in time I have the club mix playing..."
- Jay Fensella (UK)

"...I wanted to tell you at I admire your music and all the hard work you must put into it. Must take a lot of dedication, but then again if you love what you do, it can't be that bad, right?..." - Poet Enchantress (USA)

"I've just stumbled across your site and I just want to say I really like your stuff. Do you have a CD for sale of all your tunes? I'm into hard trance really but don't mind 'fluffier' trance either." - James Beale (UK)

"Just heard your stuff for the first time.....awesome! I don't normally have time for vocal trance, but this stuff is heavy enough to really work. Very impressed. Good luck, you deserve to do well." - Richard Woodward (UK)

"...omfg teh pwn..." - Arch Demon (USA) Apparently this is a good comment :)

"...awesome music. really great dance and trance. ha ha. rhymes." - Catfish (unknown)

"...I have listened to only the first few but I really love them ! I know I'm a dance music freak but this is great.. I just wanted to tell you that." - Tom (Belgium)

"..."Visions" kicks. Good luck with it...All handled very smoothly...Keep up the good work!!" - Snapdragon (unknown)

"I love you Square Bear, I wanna be your groupie...let me know if I'm in or not, I'm waiting with my fingers crossed!!!! Love, Adie" - Adie (unknown)

"Just listened to one of your tunes, and I was very impressed." - Imran (unknown)

"...I was just listening to New Generation(Vocal Mix) for the 10th time. I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoy your work. Well I'll talk to you later. Keep up the great work" - Kev (UK)

"...love your music !!!...good sounds going on..." - Damo (Australia)

"Very, very good! Dance Nation is a real "hands in the air" track and has a real euphoric feel. As for Run Away? The only word I can think of is WOW!! This is in the same league as XTM - Fly on the Wings of Love. Surely it's chart bound?" - Paul Bradley (unknown) discussing Jupiter Rose

"Nice Tracks you have here...Keep up the good work" - D. Barnes (New Zealand)

"My favourite artist (apart from me) is Square Bear...good luck to him." - Dead Air Dave (UK)

"Where the f*** do you get these singers from? They are not exactly ugly are they? If they are ever stuck for somewhere to stay when they come to England, there is always plenty of room at my house ;-)" - Santz (UK)

"...I like your progressive trance and your melodic trance music. Not too keen on the hard trance but I think they are all pretty good." - Debbie (UK)

"Hey there! I'm a huge vocal trance/melodic trance fan and love Armin Van Buuren, Ian Van Dahl, DJ Tiesto, Fragma, etc. and I didn't think I would find anything on mp3.com to feed my addiction to trance and wow, I discovered you and WOW! Excellent stuff. I'm a DJ in Austin, TX but I don't actually produce my own stuff. I love your albums for sale and I'm going to purchase some...I love your stuff! Keep it up...If you ever come to the Austin area to perform, please let me know! =)" - DJ Hoyt (USA)

"AWESOME...AWESOME...keep up the solid remixes!" - Fonte (Canada)

However, not everyone is as complimentary. Check out these jokers!
Not one of them brave enough to leave their real email address!

"...Using E-jay does NOT make you a producer!!! It only makes you a FAKE! By the way, you are not allowed make $$ from tracks made in EJAY!!" - Dj Cool (unknown) - Which is incorrect by the way. You can release tracks made with eJay software. The funny part is though, none of the tracks on the page he mailed from were made with eJay!

"...your tunes are not real dude; meaning you aint no real artist..." - Jon (unknown) - I never did understand what he meant!

"hey squarebear! your music is sooooo cheap! what poor synths! and you call this commercial?????? and for the charts??? hahaha, big laugh on you, you poor guy!...that`s really cheap! but your to old for this business, man! no greetings." - DJ Diablo 2 - The Firemaker (unknown) - Ah well. It's a pity that people can get so jealous. Shame he didn't leave a link. I would have liked to listen to some music that didn't sound "sooooo" cheap!
I think the "?" key on his keyboard must be stuck!

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