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This section of the site features the many comments and reviews I've received for my music.

I have broken this section of the site down into:

Professional and industry comments

Comments from friends and fans

Press cuttings


Comments from friends and fans... Page 2

Thank you to everyone who writes in to me. I enjoy reading all your emails.
I apologise if I do not get chance to reply, but I guarantee I read every one of them.

Click on a song title below to read the comments for a particular track
or browse the review pages if you prefer.


After Midnight

Falling Into You


Run Away

Tears In The Rain

Alone In the Crowd

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Song Title: Firestorm

Description: An instrumental euphoric trance track recently signed to Home City Records.

"I am not worthy!!! This is a great track, totally faultless, totally great! I'm sure I'm not alone in stating the obvious that this track is on a par with any mainstream trance/dance tracks produced by the "big" players...I can not give you a review as like most (if not all) of your tracks are sooooooo good...To produce a tune like this must take a lot of dedication and commitment which should be noted and an immense amount of praise should be given to you for sharing your efforts..." - Boss Hog (UK)

"...this tune is one of the best trance tunes I've heard in a long time. I play it very often. Square Bear has done it this time. Let's hope it climbs the mp3 charts to a well-deserved top spot." - Hibotan (Norway)

"...sound is good, production is excellent, good sequences, well used effects..." - Grahawk (UK)

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Song Title: Run Away

Description: Vocal, commercial trance similar in style to DJ Sammy, Ian Van Dahl etc. This track is my most popular and is signed to Home City Records. It's currently being played on the radio and in nightclubs.

"3 words...."OH MY GOD" This is superb, loved it, absolutely loved it." - Kameleon (UK)

"...By far the best commercial Euro Dance high potential track I've heard for sometime...this is top notch stuff way better than most of the genre with massive potential." - Grahawk (UK)

"Again one great track. I just wanted to say that I like your tracks and Run Away is your best!" - DJ Disturb (Finland)

"I must say that I really enjoyed listening to this one. Is it just my imagination, or is every Square Bear release better than the one before? This track deserves success, and hopefully Steve (the Bear) will enjoy some recognition (and cash) for it before too long. Fingers crossed!" - Old Skinflint (UK)

"...I already knew he's an extremely consistent producer, so I wanted to check out this track immediately...needless to say, it was even better than expected...I think the strength of Run Away lies in the fact that the song is actually both complete and catchy..." - Glossy (Greece)

"...You take a fairly standard Eurodance beat and add a real vocalist and what have you got? A totally sh*t hot mix...Congrats on a great song...if it don't make TOTP how about Eurovision?" - Dark Wolf! (UK)

"Finally got to listen to Run Away and to say I enjoyed listening to it is an understatement. Its pretty damn catchy and I guess while out doing the usual fighting the crowds shopping today, I will be humming along to Run Away...I wish you all the best in your quest for music. You obviously have what it takes to become something in the music biz so I really hope it all works out for you." - Mr Music Lover (UK?)

"Square Bear is getting very, very good, I've got the majority of his tunes. I can see Square Bear making the Top 5 in the chart easily with this one...Keep up the great work dude!!" - Strife (UK)

"Very commercial track. Not a bad thing and all the comments like 'Cheese Factor Ten' are spot on. Great vocals. Sure to be a HIT with the Bobbleheads...Keep up the good work SB." - Argon Hoobler (UK)

"...Jeese, this track has got loads of people kissing the ground you walk on, but what can I say, its AMAZING, I love it. I mean, compared to most eJay and fruity stuff, it's very good, compared to all of today's real pop songs, its fantastic!!! You have surpassed yourself, and everyone here knows it!" - Headphone Maniac (UK)

"...you da man...That is a knock out floor filler...Big congrats m8...Very well deserved" - Slippy-T (UK)

"...Excellent vocals...Excellent melody...If that's the singer on your web page, can I have her number??" - Aled Mann (UK)

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Song Title: Tears In The Rain

Description: Another song featuring Yana. This is a sad track about a girl splitting up from her boyfriend. My first attempt at a follow up to Run Away.

"...I would like to compliment you and Yana on this tune...wish I could produce a piece like this...no doubt it will be a stormer." - Canvas (UK)

"...I liked it a lot..." - Kameleon (UK)

"...sounds good...I like the intro..." - Strife (UK)

"...the vocals are great, the structure is good...the whole song the typically sound of Square Bear, that's good..." - DJ Blue Star (Germany)

"I think that the intro is excellent!! Nice build-up...Catchy tune but it certainly is sad!!" - Dead Air Dave (UK)

"...The vocals are very good, this girl can really sing...but the backing is a little too busy at times...The 'Tears in the Rain' refrain is brilliant...and I can even forgive her the line about having her raincoat on and her brolly...! There can't be too many songs where you get the word umbrella in it...Ends superbly. This is another great radio edit...Longer versions could probably give it more punch but this works for me as the vocals give it enough commercial appeal for me." - Dark Wolf! (UK)

" Woah...talented man! and luv the vocals. You sure did a great job on that one. Need more..." - Mirage Girl (Canada)

"...hey, I really like it, I think it has a lot of potential and could definitely make the radio...I think you have a terrific song here." - Hyperflow (Canada)

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