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This section of the site features the many comments and reviews I've received for my music.

I have broken this section of the site down into:

Professional and industry comments

Comments from friends and fans

Press cuttings


Comments from friends and fans... Page 3

Thank you to everyone who writes in to me. I enjoy reading all your emails.
I apologise if I do not get chance to reply, but I guarantee I read every one of them.

Click on a song title below to read the comments for a particular track
or browse the review pages if you prefer.


After Midnight

Falling Into You


Run Away

Tears In The Rain

Alone In the Crowd

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Song Title: Alone In The Crowd

Description: The first track I've made featuring the voice of Cami. She is a talented singer/actress from Los Angeles and we're both very happy with this commercial, trance track.

"Well, first off, very good track, I like the music...Its a phat club song, good dancing choon. The lyrics mean something and are good. I'm reading them as the song goes on. I see how there's not a lot of verses n sh*t and you say Alone in the Crowd a lot, fits good, its hard to make lyrics with this trance beat, but they fit very well. Vocalist; well if that's her picture she is a pretty girl. She has a good voice and it's good for a song like this...Good track SB, Give this one a 9.5/10" - Fonte (Canada)

"...I know it will be number 1...Hope to here more soon." - Larry the Lamb (USA)

"Ok just had a listen... well firstly, great name for a tune!, glad you aint like one of those sheep who go for names such as "forest of dreams" or " heaven is here" etc. Secondly, great sound quality! I love your synths they make me melt. Wicked song structure. It's fast and constant with no slow quiet boring bits, a plus point to ya there. Vocals...She has a nice voice. If ONLY you were able to get her into a studio...but yeah id say 8/10 there dude. Wicked keep it up." - Project Infinity (UK)

"...Amazing for fruity sound..." - Nismo (USA)

"I listened to the track and I think it is very good...The track itself sounds 100% pro, hats off to you for that. This would be great for a radio edit type style, but I would strongly recommend a 7 min+ length using the same vocals, but in specific areas, not the entire track...The vocal work sounds really good, mad props to you for writing all the vocals to that! It also sounds really pro for a home studio project...So overall, the song is tops!" - Bs2003 (USA)

"Nice track S B, I like the lyrics. You have come far with ur music, The first track of ur's I heard was on the Dance 5 promo CD (The Transmission) I liked that. The way ur music is going now is the way to go. I'm usually into the harder trance n techno but I'm gonna download ur track later." - New Dimention (UK)

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