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Square Bear's history so far.... Page 4

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Jun 18 2003 - Invited to submit more tracks to Home City for release

Jun 20 2003 - Invited to write an article for the official eJay homepages about my recent success
- Wayne at Metro FM Newcastle, puts Jupiter Rose on his playlist

Cami - Vocalist on Alone In The Crowd

 Jun 23 2003 - Made a song with Los Angeles based singer Cami (Alone In The Crowd)

Jul 2 2003 - Appeared in my work's newsletter for my recent success. Hi to everyone at Selby DC!

Jul 3 2003 - Chris Bailey (Head of the playlist selection team) at Fire 107.6FM Bournemouth, selects Jupiter Rose for the specialist dance programmes.
James Blond at BRMB 96.4FM Birmingham puts Jupiter Rose on his playlist.

Jul 6 2003 - Discovered that Jupiter Rose appears on DJ Simon M's playlist (Bournemouth) It's there at number 18 alongside such greats as Madonna, Benny Benassi, Annie Lennox, Paul Van Dyk, Layo and Bushwacka!, Ashanti...

Jul 11 2003 - Alex Pepper at Radio Aire (Leeds) puts Jupiter Rose on his playlist. Also on the playlist of Friday Night Kiss, which goes out on 8 radio stations all over the north of England.

Jul 12 2003 - Heard Run Away for the first time on the radio. Radio Aire (Leeds). It's the first time I've been able to pick it up on a radio without using the internet.

Aug 18 2003 - Had an article that I wrote published at eJay.com. It describes my successes so far and how I got started. The same unedited article can be found in the articles section of this website.

Aug 25 2003 - Received my first royalty statement from Home City Records, along with the current status of the project: "The project has been a satisfactory Radio success in the UK. A television campaign will commence with a promo video, forming an additional basis for the album launch. Brothers Distribution (a division of Universal Music Operations) takes over the marketing and sales at this stage, whilst Home City Records continues to co-ordinate the promotional efforts." WOOHOOO!! - Oh, the Woohoo!! was added by me and wasn't part of the project status! :-)

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