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Square Bear's history so far.... Page 5

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Aug 30 2003 - Put this new look website on-line. Hope you like it! please mail any feedback or comments about it to square-bear

Sep 26 2003 - Received my first royalty cheque from sales of Jupiter Rose

Oct 6 2003 - Had Falling Into You featured on an Internet game site www.flashflashrevolution.com It's similar to those dance machines that you can see at the seaside. You know the sort, with the arrows that scroll up the screen in time to the music while some young kid leaps around like John Travolta.

Oct 2003 - Reached 50,000+ plays at mp3.com and had 1,000+ visitors to this website. Thanks everyone for your support.

Dec 1 2003 - Asked to remix a track "My Love" by Manchester based pop group Surmise. If all goes well it will be included on the CD which is expected to go on general release in June 2004.

Dec 15 2003 - Did an interview for an American music magazine. Will post further details when I find out more.

Jan 12 2004 - Appeared as the featured artist of the week at www.mp3unsigned.com and had a number 1 there as well.

Jan 23 2004 - Became a moderator at www.ejay.com which means that I look after the official message boards and make sure everyone follows the rules. It's a job that will take up a lot of my time but one that I'm looking forward to. I see it as my way of giving something back to the company whose software got me started in the first place.

Feb 4 2004 - Had Alone In The Crowd forwarded on to the Danish singer, Whigfield. She is planning a comeback and is looking for tracks both for a single and an album release.

Feb 10 2004 - Had an email from a German record company interested in some of my music for their label.

Mar 2 2004 - Reached 3,000 visitors to the site since last August. Thanks everyone for supporting me.

Jun 2004 - Reached number 1 in the overall category at www.mp3unsigned.com and became the featured artist for the month of June at www.audiostreet.net

Jun 5 2004 - Received a mail from a record company called Neutone Recordings wanting to sign Run Away, Tears In The Rain, Alone In The Crowd and How Many Times.

Jul 16 2004 - Rainbow Chaser to be included on a promotional CD. A large chain of department stores in the U.S. (JCPenney) will give the CD away with any purchase of clothes from its Back to School range.

Aug 18 2004 - Invited to remix two tracks for an up and coming artist called Baz.

Sep 10 2004 - The record label love my remix of U Sure Do for Baz and are to include it on a CD which will be released in the UK on the 22nd of November. His website is at www.bazofficial.com

Sep 13 2004 - The promotional CD for JCPenney arrived. My music plays in the background while the viewers explore the CD.

2004 - 2007 - Finally updated the website a little!

What have I been up to these past three years, I hear you ask? Well, most of it is on the news page but in brief, I had some music released on the soundtrack to a film in Canada (Dollgatory). Had a track included in an online baseball game (Pinch Hitter) and made a few unofficial dance remixes of tracks by famous artists (Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Eminem, Destiny's Child and so on).

I'm also currently remixing two tracks which will hopefully be included on a Dance compilation CD in time for Christmas. Oh and last but not least, I got engaged to my girlfriend in Las Vegas in May 2007 and the wedding is planned for 8th August next year (8/8/08), so it's all looking good for the bear.


The Future??? - Got a top ten hit, appeared on Top Of The Pops, married Beyonce (don't tell my fiancee!), got the Christmas number one and retired with a big bag of money and spent the rest of my days lounging in luxury fighting supermodels off with a pointy stick. (well I can dream can't I?)

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