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Square Bear's history so far.... Page 2

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May 2002 - Released on a French compilation CD

Jun 2002 - Interviewed for a website (www.future2music.com - Sadly, the site is no longer on-line)

Aug 2002 - Tracks played in Kazantip (Venue similar to Ibiza)
- Released on a compilation CD in Russia
Invited to submit songs for the soundtrack of a car show video
- Asked to make some samples for people to use in eJay software from a website (www.future2music.com)

Nov 2002 - Won a competition for one of my tracks to appear on the official Dance eJay 5 promotional CD

Dec 13 2002 - Promotional CD arrived featuring The TranceMission

Dec 19 2002 - Appeared in The Goole Times for appearing on the CD

Yana Kay - Vocalist on several of my tracks

Dec 23 2002 - Wrote a track (Run Away) with the vocals of Latvian singer Yana Kay

Jan 1 2003 - Sound Assault Music invited me to submit Run Away to them for sale to record labels

Jan 3 2003 - Offer by Home City Records (London) to feature Firestorm on a compilation album

Jan 7 2003 - Home City asked for Run Away to be featured on the same album

Jan 9 2003 - Yana Kay agrees to her appearing on the release of Run Away
- Home City say they will probably release Run Away as a single!!

Jan 24 2003 - Got my first record contract (YAY!!!) from Home City Records
Asked to remix a track, trance style, for Home City Records (K-Project - Superheroes)

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