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"It is ridiculous to claim that video games influence children. If Pac-Man affected kids born in the eighties, we should now have a bunch of teenagers who run around in darkened rooms and eat pills while listening to monotonous electronic music." - Kristian Wilson, Nintendo Inc., 1989

</I></FONT><FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5>Sorry, you will need the </FONT><A HREF="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/"><FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5 COLOR="#00ffff">Flash Player</FONT></A><FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5> to play this game.

How to Play - As if you don't know!
The object of the game is to guide the yellow Pac-man around the maze eating the little white dots. You must avoid the ghosts as running into them will lose a life. If you eat one of the glowing power pills found in each corner, the ghosts will turn blue for a short period of time and you can then chase the ghosts. If you eat a blue ghost, its eyes will return to the den in the centre of the maze where it will be reborn and come after you again. Occasionally, fruits will appear underneath the ghost's den. Eat these for bonus points.

The game is over when all your Pac-men(?) have been caught by the ghosts.
If your score is high enough, you can enter it on the hi-score table and be the envy of your friends.
I may even arrange a prize for the top scorer(s) each month.

A bonus life is awarded at 10,000 points.

Arrow keys - moves the Pac-man around the screen
P - pause/unpause the game
Q - quit the game
- mute/unmute sound
L - play game in low-res (for slow PCs)

Pac-man is a trademark of NAMCO