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<FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5>Sorry, you will need the </FONT><A HREF="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/"><FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5 COLOR="#00ffff">Flash Player</FONT></A><FONT FACE="Arial,helvetica" SIZE=5> to play this game.

How to Play
On a million phones everywhere and now on your PC. The object of Snake is to guide the snake around the screen eating the dots as they appear. As the snake each eats dot he gradually becomes longer and longer. If the snake hits a wall or runs into himself the game is over.

There are three levels of play:
Slug - the slowest speed
Worm - normal speed
Python - the fastest speed

Each level has it's own hi-score table. If your score qualifies for the top 100 you will be prompted to enter your name. I may give a prize out for the top scorer(s) each month.

Arrow keys
- guide the snake around the screen
- pause the game