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How to Play
Hexxagon is a turn based strategy game roughly based on the board game Othello. It is a two player game, although you can play against Square Bear (the computer) if you've no-one to play against. Each player in turn selects one of their jewels to move. Each jewel can move to it's neighbouring hexagon in which case it will replicate itself, or it can jump 2 spaces. When it has moved, if there are any of the opponent's jewels in hexagons surrounding it, the player captures those jewels. The object of the game is to capture as many of your opponents pieces as you can. When the board is full, the player with the most jewels is the winner.

If that description confused you, don't worry, it's probably easier if you play a few games.
Once you've tried it, it will all become clear.

The computer plays a pretty tough game, but with a little practice, you will beat it.

Click in the hexagon you wish to move your jewel to.