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Congratulations to December's winners - Peeps/Beandip!
This means that the fastest time this year goes to Peeps with 23.6 seconds for which she wins 50 and the fewest flips goes to Peeps and KJP with 34 who share 50. If these two people want to write to me with the full names and addresses I'll mail you your prizes along with some Square Bear goodies!

How to Play
Snap is a memory game based on finding pairs of pictures in the grid. Click on two of the cards. If they have the same picture as each other, they are removed from the game. If the two cards do not match then they turn back over and you have another go. Continue until you have found all the pairs.

If you were quick enough or took the fewest flips to clear the grid, you can put your name on the high score table for all of the Internet to see! Incidentally, all the pictures on the cards are based on people or things to do with Square Bear (suprise, suprise).

Click on the cards to turn them over.

Monthly Hi-Scores

Each month the hi-score table will be reset and the winner will have his/her name added to the monthly hi-score table. Whoever holds the record for the best time and the lowest flips at the end of the year will win a prize.


Best Times

Lowest Flips


Peeps - 00:23:6

Peeps - 34


Peeps - 00:24:4

Peeps - 34


Peeps - 00:27:2

Peeps/Jamie - 36


Peeps - 00:28:4

Peeps - 34


Peeps - 00:24:7

Peeps - 34


Peeps - 00:26:1

KJP - 34


Peeps - 00:27:5

Peeps - 36


Peeps - 00:28:6

Peeps - 36


Peeps - 00:30:1

Peeps/Beandip 38