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How to Play
Tetris is a game invented by the Russian Alexey Pajitnov. The object of the game is to arrange the blocks as they fall to the bottom of the screen into horizontal lines. When a line is made it disappears from the screen. The game is over when the blocks fill the playing field.

This is the game that launched a 1000 Game-Boys. One of the most addictive and time consuming games known to man. I'm afraid this version doesn't have the annoying twinkly music that usually accompanies the game but that's maybe not such a bad thing.

This game has a hi-score feature so if your score is good enough to be in the top 100 you'll be prompted to enter your name. I may give out a prize to the top scorer(s) each month.

Left and Right arrow keys
- moves the blocks as they fall
Down arrow key - makes the block fall quicker
Up arrow key
or X - rotate the block clockwise
- rotate the block anti-clockwise
- pause/unpause the game
- quit the game