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Rhythm Games at FlashFlashRevolution.com

How to Play
Have you ever seen those dance machines in the arcades where you have to leap around in time to the music? Well now you can play in the comfort of your own home without looking like a fool and having a bunch of twelve year old girls laughing at you!

If you've never seen this type of game, it's easy enough to play. All you have to do is watch the arrows scrolling up the screen and press the arrows on your keypad when they reach the top.

To make it a bit trickier, you sometimes get more than one arrow at once. You can miss a few arrows but miss too many and it's game over.

My good friends at FlashFlashRevolution.com have written this dance machine version of
my track
Falling Into You with Yana Kay, as it is featured on the main game over at their site. If you are a musician and would like to have the same done to your music, contact the guys using the link in the game.

Arrow keys
- press when the arrows line up at the top